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WebQuery was developed by REY to provide a comprehensive business reporting and warehouse data storage solution for our customers. WebQuery consists of a central repository for financial and other business information, and an intuitive, web-based interface that allows business users to view and distribute both stored reports as well as to generate ad-hoc reports. WebQuery is dynamically configurable, allowing existing database systems to be quickly transformed into web-enabled applications.

WebQuery is currently being employed in the highly competitive ATM industry by ATM managers and owners to manage Self Service Devices. Self Service Devices are terminals that allow customers to perform financial and other transactions at devices (ATMs) located in various business establishments.  The WebQuery system stores, in a central repository, all of the transactions generated by the ATM terminals.

WebQuery Benefits:

  • Business users are able to generate consolidated transaction reports on a daily basis. WebQuery stores all of the transactions generated by various ATM processors, including ACS, EDS, EPS, FiServ and CIBC in a central repository, allowing consolidated reports to be generated.
  • WebQuery stores historical information, allowing system users to perform historical analysis on the transactions that are generated by the terminals.
  • The architecture of WebQuery enables the system to be quickly configured to add additional functionality as the needs of the business grow. In addition, the system is highly scaleable to handle transaction volume growth.
  • WebQuery allows users to generate ad-hoc reports, which can be viewed online or distributed via web-browser, email, fax and printer.

Storage and Reporting of Business-Critical Information:

In addition to providing a central repository for terminal transaction data, WebQuery can track assets and contracts associated with managing Self Service Devices. The system is designed to allow for storing and reporting on the following business critical information:

  • Merchant information
  • Merchant agreements
  • Deployer information
  • Purchase agreements
  • Cash courier tracking
  • Manufacturer information
  • Surround information
  • Vendor invoices
  • New products data

The following flowchart demonstrates the basic operation of the WebQuery system:

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